21 July 2008

studio: work

i will not neglect to show my work any longer.

mood boards, a collection of ideas and inspiration that i'll be working with for my final project - collected on our study tour.

clay models used for form studies for a vase. spent 11 hours yesterday making a plaster mold to blow into - not an easy process since you have about 60 seconds to form the negative mold on a spinning wheel before the plaster sets. i did come out with atleast one that i will test this week and i'll keep you posted.

our classroom, all the rooms at the school are designed with skylights and are flooded with light. (light is a very important aspect of Danish living since they experience so much of it in the summer and almost none in the winter. you see candles burning even in the summer.)

we were asked on to make a swan, i ended up with a duck

my glass switchblade.
one of our assignments to do in the cold shop (where you grind, cut, and polish) was to make a knife to ward off Swedish trolls.

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