06 November 2008

on exhibit in NYC

the exhibition was a success - the theme of the exhibtion was 'straight off the boat' which was conceived by Pratt prof. Tim Richartz
wood pallets were transformed into display surfaces which gave a nice backdrop for a lot of the glass pieces in the show

the following photos are of my work
yes, you've seen these before but now in a different setting...

a glimse of the Pratt campus - one beautiful place
furniture made by students in the same program this summer were also on exhibit
the following photos are of my fellow studiomates from this past summer's program...
one of my FAVORITES - Azusa's snaps glass
fit so perfectly in the boards(!)
another awesome peice - Azusa's killer knife

Leah's beautiful graal peices
these sprinkles make me smile
Leah's Marie Antoinette inspired platter
some process photos were hung on the walls of the gallery
Carrie's vase with a single orchid floating
Steph's BRIGHT orange fire hydrin
loved how she included the wood mold which was used to blow them!

happy ending

28 October 2008

'Copenhagen to NYC' Opening Reception

good news - all of my glass from this summer made it back in one piece, therefore... I am happy to invite you to the exhibition of our work from Denmark (30+ chairs and lot's of glass work)!

Wednesday, October 29th (6-9pm)
Pratt, Brooklyn Campus
Design Center / 2nd floor
October 29th - November 4th

enter the campus at the corner of Hall and DeKalb
G Train to Clinton-Washington
(FRONT car if coming from Smith/9th - REAR car if coming from Queens direction)

nice job on the poster, colin!

26 August 2008

+ glass

a few more photos before i packed up and shipped everything off
(keep you fingers crossed!)

a glass eye patch, perhaps a gift for Dale Chihuly
(thanks Tawney for modeling + wearing the perfect coloured shirt that day)

glass switch blade
i ended up finishing it off with a tiny Danish flag emblem, which just so happens to resemble the Swiss Army seal

well, this one never made it...
sadly my lost wax casting firing never reached temperature... but i took a photo just before pouring the plaster mold

25 August 2008

last days in Denmark

YEAH! reunited: Sacha arrived from New York with a new...

and what better way to recover from jet lag then to take a stroll in a cemetery
this one is popular with the locals - picnics with friends and bottles of wine are a common site

a most magical tree trunk

the Statens Museum for Kunst (State Museum of Art) was well worth a visit

this chair was in the 'children's gallery' - it was so hard to keep myself from not jumping over the rope and trying it out
tiny dresses hung on hangers
the space was flooded with sun light so saturated blue was super intense
can't believe i didn't write this artist's name down - ahh!
total jelly fish effect when looking up
being a bean bag fan, this tops the list of cool ones
(i think they should have them all over the museum, not just in the children's gallery)

looking down to the cafe which overlooks a lovely park with lots of ponds and curved pathways

so cool to watch a Rubens' painting being restored.

the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek was another amazing museum experience - the art collection of Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914) "who created one of the largest private art collections of his time. It was named after his brewery, Ny Carlsberg, with the addition of "Glyptotek", meaning collection of sculpture.

Today, the museum houses the largest collection of ancient art in Northern Europe, primarily sculpture, from Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Italy. But during the more than one hundred years of its existence, the museum has also expanded the collection of French and Danish art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Impressionists, Paul Gauguin and Auguste Rodin are particularly well represented.

...it one of the most popular art museums in Denmark."

my favorite wall in Copenhagen (surprise, it's blue)

a PERFECT ending

and of course the goodbyes to the girls (and Erik)...

i'll miss you guys - though i'll see some of you at Pratt!

final exhibition in CPH - tada!

the final exhibition of our work was presented along side the other design students from this summer's Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) at the beautiful Architecture School of the Royal Academy.
my work...
our final assignment was to create a centerpeice bowl for which i made a bowl which drapes ontop of an oversized beaded necklace. the bowl is not attached to the beads so that it can be picked up and moved around the necklace.
the series on the right are double walled vessels - they were made by first blowing a bubble (bottle) and then reheating the bottom, sucking in rather then blowing to make the bottom convexed, then adding hot glass to the bottom and inserting peiced of wood and graphit to form and distort the glass inside. i would have loved more time to keep creating these abstract worlds inside a bottle.

i found this pinecone-like flower to suite my graal vase nicely

other then glass, DIS had a furniture program (which each student designs and makes a chair) and an architecture program. here are some of my favorites...

tawney hixson's chair (above), studiomate at Pratt

Binsei Numao, also a Pratt Studiomate
note that they only had two weeks in the shop to make the chair + all of his joints are hand carved(!)

Il Rae Kim's chair, also a studiomate at Pratt
with a built in foot rest

Yoshiko Iobe, a Pratt Interior Design Masters student

wonder if this doorway (below) at school influenced the chair this design