27 July 2008

chic biking in CPH + random street graphix

can't get enough!

this is an ultra common site here - heels and cute bikes

+ i just came across this blog

..."cycling in Copenhagen is a mixture of ease, grace, beauty and a casual, relaxed attitude." so true. the biking infrastructure here really makes a difference. it makes New York truly feel like the wild west. check out the their site for a lot more great photos.

* * * *

street signs and such...

a grocery store ad in Copenhagen

mural in Nexo, Bornholm

daycare in Nexo - where the kids took over

also on Bornholm

?!? sign in Helsinki (via Tawny)

i love these signs that show you that you leaving a town.
something about the red bar through the iconic town silhouette seems harsh to me.

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