25 July 2008

studio: mold testing

so here's the deal:

we prepared our molds by soaking them in milk (which when heated is an odor i will never forget). the reason being that the fat in the milk creates a nice coating which helps the glass form smoothly when hot.

for a first try in the mold not terrible - if you can tell the bottom lip of the vase got a bit bent since i pulled away half of the mold from the top end. next time i'll pull from the bottom and it should come out a lot more symmetrical, also the mold reacts better after a few attempts - you actually want the walls to burn and create a smoother finish.

(almost half of the glass you see here gets cut off - it's just a lot easier to have a good amount on the end that you are cutting)

i'll try a few more times with this mold next week - with colour

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