15 August 2008

studio: graal vase

the last couple weeks of school were busy ones which resulted in my abandonment - but i am back!

just wanted to give a recap on my 'graal' vase - i mentioned this swedish technique earlier and here are the results. there are a lot of steps in the process and i'll run through them... but you can click [here] and read more about it.

i sand blasted a design onto an "embryo" (a glass bubble is made with layers of colour(s) - this one is clear with a thin layer of white)
the sandblasting has removed the white glass so my pattern of swedish pine trees will be clear with a white background.
the embryo is reheated and picked up with a blowing pipe
it needs to be constantly reheated and blown a bit larger before gathering more glass to enlarge it
my teacher, Charlie Meaker, was blowing this piece for me - his expertise allowed him to talk on his cell phone while on his way to the 'glory hole' to pick up more glass on top of the embryo
in the glory hole - this is where it gets HOT just to hold the pipe there
after gathering another coat of clear glass you have the ability to make a larger piece - the shape i decided on was organic, round, and very pear like
you can see how the design i made will be transparent here
Charlie used my sketch of the shape as a reference. this was the first time i had worked with a master glass blower to realize a design of mine. in the coming weeks we would work with Jacob as well.

i found the vase to be well suited for branches and dry flowers

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