16 August 2008

"hi hi" bornholm

i will miss many things on this little Danish island...

my classmates + spacious workspace
Bornholm's metal scrap yard
biking (with Marian and Leah)

stunning sunsets over the Baltic Sea

my favorite wall in Nexo
the sweltering heat while standing in front of the glass furnace
this beer label
my favorite plate to eat toast on at school
the mugs made by the ceramic students at school - the kitchen housed tons of them

all of the SWEETS - including this carrot cake Uffa would bring us on Fridays

1 comment:

Audrey Robinson said...

boo hoooo... I'm going to miss it toooo... but soon I won't have to miss YOU! I loved checking this to see what was going on and skyping you to get more news that didn't make it to the blog!