15 August 2008

exhibition on bornholm

last week, before packing everything up and returning to Copenhagen, we had a little reception at the school on Bornholm...

the gallery hall - each of us selected some work to present
my display

a drink made with a local berry - i wish i could have bottled it up and brought some home
Johanne, Assistant Director of the DIS Architecture and Design Program with her adorable kids, and Jacob
classmates Karina, Bonnie (both from the University of Kansas) and Marian (from the Danish Design school)
traditional open faced sandwiches - tasty
Azusa and me (looking funny)
an amazing design by Paul Smith - printed knitwear
on the top of my list of favorite technicians, Uffa

some work by my classmates...
Katie, Sculpture major from Illinois Wesleyan University
Leah, Art Direction major from Pratt - a cake platter inspired by Marie Antoinette
she made all these amazing little cakes herself
ahh the sprinkles - well done!
Azusa, from my program at Pratt!
love that little shot glass that hangs off the edge of the table
also by Katie
Carrie, Jewelry major from Pratt
Marian, Grad student in Glass at the Danish Design School
her inspiration came from hour glasses, megaphones, and gramaphones
Caroline, Sculpture major from University of Maryland College Park
Leah again
this bowl holds tiny vase using magnets, the form was inspired by jellyfish

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