06 November 2008

on exhibit in NYC

the exhibition was a success - the theme of the exhibtion was 'straight off the boat' which was conceived by Pratt prof. Tim Richartz
wood pallets were transformed into display surfaces which gave a nice backdrop for a lot of the glass pieces in the show

the following photos are of my work
yes, you've seen these before but now in a different setting...

a glimse of the Pratt campus - one beautiful place
furniture made by students in the same program this summer were also on exhibit
the following photos are of my fellow studiomates from this past summer's program...
one of my FAVORITES - Azusa's snaps glass
fit so perfectly in the boards(!)
another awesome peice - Azusa's killer knife

Leah's beautiful graal peices
these sprinkles make me smile
Leah's Marie Antoinette inspired platter
some process photos were hung on the walls of the gallery
Carrie's vase with a single orchid floating
Steph's BRIGHT orange fire hydrin
loved how she included the wood mold which was used to blow them!

happy ending

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