30 June 2008

a quiet sunday

like all euro cities, almost everything was closed on sunday... so a little exploring and unpacking

i arrived and settled into the Keops Kollegium (a student dorm) though this one is more like a NYC studio apartment (incl. private kitchenette + bathroom). I will be living here for the first week and then returning for at least another week at the end of my program. It is the neighborhood of Nørreport which is referred to as Copenhagen's "youngest, trendiest, and most diverse neighborhoods... and some even refer to it as 'The Nørre-bronx".

the Keops building is super new (opened in 2006) and super modern. you may be able to see it in the picture above, the building has apartments on the exterior walls while there are three communal spaces which are suspended (float) in the middle. the Danes are really into the idea of intertwining both private and public life so you see a lot of architecture that includes space for social gatherings.

so about the city... it's all about the bikes + i'm loving it
36% of the city commutes by bike (daily!) - and almost every single street have a seperate bike line with it's own crossing lights.

sites like this with tons of bike parking are everywhere

great ad campaign for the city + biking

love these cargo bikes - tons of people use them, they have three wheels with two in the front. they are super versatile - people use them to transport their kids, groceries, etc.

nice graphic design

more to come...


jmswilfong said...

that trolley on the front of that bike is awesome. i would love one of those for my girls. u think they have that in the US or i'm gonna have to build my own? shoot. i think i'll build my own anyway. u mind if i use this picture on my blog?

Vanessa Marie Robinson said...

check out http://dutchbikes.us/ for cargo bikes! they sell them in the us - prob. pricey though

Vanessa Marie Robinson said...

+ sure, use the photo!